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Tools to Heal Yourself

Our Story

As a child, laying on the grass, making daisy chains. Gazing up at the clouds floating by, relaxing, just being alive. Feeling free, connected, happy and alive with the little white flowers and nature. This sense of connection with plants developed into my love of flower essences as a healing method. My sense of creative connection with nature expands into creating essential oil and essence blends, making herbal skin salves and lip balms, flower wreaths, natural stone jewelry, and nature found object art.

During the pandemic, I was busy creating and working in my profession as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. To relax, I have been teaching myself to draw and watercolor. One of my longer-term goals is to complete my book on Fairy Lore about the FloraDeva flower essence fairies that will captivate young readers on the purpose of flower essences and how to preserve the delicate environment we share with them.


Flora Deva Flower Essences are co-created with nature

and feature Santa Barbara native coastal, foothill and mountain flora. 

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