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  • What are Flower Essences?
    A Flower Essence is a living energetic preparation made from the imprint of a plant’s vibrations in water. This is taken orally under the tongue or applied to the body. When ingested, the energy of the flower infuses our energy field with its own signature vibration. Raising our vibration catalyzes safe, profound shifts in consciousness, allowing us to engage fully and authentically with the world around us.
  • How are Flower Essences made?
    Flowers are selected at the peak of the blooming cycle and floated on top of a clear bowl filled with pure water which is placed on the earth and left in unbroken sunlight for several hours. While the mechanics are very simple, it is the consciousness of the person preparing the essence and their relationship with the unseen forces of Nature that is a key to the success of the preparation. Making an essence is a deep alchemical process which requires presence, love, respect, gratitude and good manners with the unseen world. We always wait for an invitation from Nature to prepare an essence and do so in a sacred, heartful manner.
  • What do Flower Essences do?
    Flower Essences catalyze shifts in consciousness that help us release old patterns and reveal more of who we really are.
  • How do Flower Esseences work?
    When we become stuck or fixed in our habits, thoughts, emotional states or outlook on life, our energy stagnates causing imbalances on all levels. Essences bring an organized frequency of energy into our bodies and energy fields, disrupting old imprints and helping us establish new patterns of energetic support and balance. By infusing our systems with the pure, positive energy of Nature, we activate our potential to innovate and go in fresh, positive directions in our life.
  • What is the history of Flower Essences?
    Throughout time many cultures have used floral water in healing rituals. The origins date back to the practices and philosophies of Paracelsus. In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, founded the Bach Flower Remedies in order to further help his patients. His philosophy was that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health. When these stresses are reduced, the body and mind can more easily create and maintain health. In the late 1970’s early 1980’s there was a renaissance in the Flower Essence world when several producers around the world began to create essences such as Flower Essence Society, Bach Flower Essences, Star Essences, Alaska Essences and more.
  • How are Flower Essences diluted, preserved, and sold?
    The solution in the original bowl of water is called potentized water. This solution is then mixed with an equal amount of a preservative such as brandy, vodka or vegetable glycerin to preserve its freshness, and is called a mother essence. Eight drops of mother essence are put into a solution of 50% preservative and 50% water, potentized and sold to the consumer or practitioner as a potentized flower essence.
  • How often do I take Flower Essences?
    You can take them from once a day to several times a day, depending on your intentions for them. People often add them to their water bottle and drink throughout the day or keep a dosage bottle by their bed and take upon rising and before going to sleep. It is useful to keep a journal about the changes occurring to track the impact of the flower essences. You can put 8 drops in your water bottle and sip throughout the day. For a longer term issue, make a dosage bottle (see above) and take eight drops three times a day. You can create your own custom formula at the dosage bottle level by filling a 1-ounce amber dropper bottle with 20% brandy or vegetable glycerin and 80% pure water with 8 drops of each essence selected for your blend. This is usually taken 8-12 drops at a time, two to three times a day.
  • How often and how long do I take them?
    Re-evaluate or consult your practitioner in a month.
  • What if I am alcohol sensitive?
    You can put your drops into a hot beverage to dissipate the alcohol from the essences. You can also apply the essences directly onto your skin instead of ingesting- some examples are on your wrists, crown of head, temples, etc.
  • Why do you add brandy or glycerin?
    As a natural preservative. Stock bottles and dosage bottles are water based mediums which can spoil or grow unfriendly bacteria, especially if the dropper goes into your mouth and then back into the bottle.
  • How long do they last?
    Flower Essence Stock bottles last about 15 years. A custom dosage bottle is designed to last a month and can be refrigerated to extend shelf life.
  • Are they safe?
    Yes. They are free of biochemical components and do not interfere with medications or other forms of treatment.
  • Who can use Flower Essences?
    Beings of all ages.
  • How do I choose Flower Essences?
    There are a variety of approaches. I recommend that you start with a focused intention on the issue you want the flower essences to address. You can look at the images of the flower, read the descriptions and see which ones speak to you. Some people use a pendulum or kinesiology. You can run your hands over the bottles to see which feel right to go by your intuition. Working with a Flower Essence Practitioner is really helpful to uncover and resolve long standing patterns that may be unconscious to you at the moment.
  • How many essences can you take at one time?
    It is suggested to limit the essences to between 1-6 per dosage blend and then reformulate in a few weeks. It is not so much how many essences, but how many issues you are trying to address in one formula. Creating a clear intention for the formula before selecting gives you more focused results.
  • How do you know what each flower essence is for?
    You observe the plant itself and the habitat it grows in. There is something called the “Doctrine of Signatures” where the form, gesture, color, and other traits tell you something about the healing qualities of the plant. When you make an essence you have a distinct experience, and you observe yourself having the experience. During the preparation process you are in an attunement process with the Deva of the plant, listening deeply and translating the message of the essence quality. I take the essences myself and give them to clients and gather feedback over the years. Initially the essences are given to practitioners around the world to gather their impressions and experiences with their clients. It can take many years to thoroughly research an essence. Like any good relationship, spending time with an essence brings a deeper sense of understanding. At a certain point you just “know” the essence, it is embodied, a part of you. Then it is ready to be released to the public.
  • How should Flower Essences be stored?
    Ideally in a cool, dark place separate from strong smells such as essential oils and perfumes.
  • Are there any harmful side effects from flower essences?
    No. However, flower essences do work on our emotional body and can bring buried emotions to the surface to be released. These sometimes uncomfortable feelings signal changes may be happening that are allowing you to heal and grow at a deep level.
  • Other ideas on use of Flower Essences:
    They can be sprayed into any environment where you live, work and play. Putting essences in a bowl of water, vase of flowers or a fountain gives a continual boost to your environment. I add them to my watercolor paints to add another level of vibrancy to the artistic expression.
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