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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are Herbal Supplements

  • Flower Essences are liquid herbal supplements

  • They can be taken as oral solutions or applied to the skin

  • Flower Essences capture the energy pattern of a plant’s flower

  • The energy of the flower imparts a vibrational pattern, the plants 'signature'

  • The vibrational pattern of the plants balances our bodies electrical systems

  • The flower essences help us to release patterns of trauma or stress that causes imbalance

  • The flower essences help repair short-circuits to our electrical system

How to Administer Flower Essences

  • Directly in your mouth from dropper bottle

  • Diluted in water

  • Diluted into hot tea (dissolves alcohol)

  • Flower Essences can be applied to the skin

  • Spray bottle to spritz face, around chest and on your body

  • Dropper bottle to apply to palms of hands or pressure points

  • Dropper bottle to add to bath water

When to take Flower Essences

  • Flower Essences can be taken in emergencies- i.e. ‘Rescue Remedy’

  • Flower Essences can be taken for self-care

  • Flower Essences can be blended into a dosage bottle

  • Dosage bottles usually hold enough drops to take for one month

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