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Shooting Star - Dodecatheon clevelandii

Chakra 7

An artistic personality carries exquisite air of creativity, giving keen attention to details of a work. Grow your inner maestro by swearing with my floral essence.  One of the most stunning spring beauties, find me along the hilly terrains of California and Baja California near ponds and streams. My bright purple flowers stay bowing to the ground till maturity.


Just like a studious artist, I relish my existence and beauty tuning towards the sun exhibiting my wondrous beauty. After all the appreciation and admiration, I recede my head downward. My floral developmental is a meditation very much like an artist getting all his concentration into his piece of art. Imbibe my essence to enlighten your artistic journey and spread your wings of creativity.

Shooting Star - Artistic Expression

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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