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White Sage - Salvia apiana

Chakra 6

A wholesome living depends on physical and mental positivity. Fill your surroundings with a positive aura with my sweet and penetrating floral essence. Native to the arid landscapes of Southern California, I am the most revered herb for spiritual practices. My silvery green foliage emits pleasant aroma that can awaken your spiritual soul. For the unversed, my leaves reflect the purifying blessings of the moon light. My pure white flowers stick out as a fairy wand, with the power to ward off negative presence and cleanse your soul. 


Light my dried leaves for sanctifying your auspicious occasions, prayers, and meditations. My essence invites positive vibrations discarding those remnant used up energies. Inhale my essence to refine the inner chambers of your body and remove all those emotions that holds you back.

White Sage - Clear Your Space

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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