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Borage - Borago officinalis

Chakra 4

Hold on to me to pass through the obstacles and challenges of life with all that ease.  Commonly known by the name ‘Star flower’, my essence relieves a heavy heart.  Believe in me, I can free a confused mind, clinged to the sorrows of the past. Native to the dry terrains of Mediterranean region, I sprout as an annual.  My perfect purple-blue, star-shaped flowers are attention seekers. Though my leaves seem a bit gloomy, trust my essence for a bright and happy life ahead. 

Changes in life stirs up a heart and tries to oppose if one is not ready yet to embrace it. This is where I can be your support system. I can help you find the steady state of mind, free from confusions. Indulge in my essence to cope with sudden changes of the life and be self-sufficient. Even the slightest change in the season can affect a sensitive heart. Embrace those changes and pave a happy life with my essence of courage. 

Longing for a free-spirited soul? A soul freely connected to the earthly lights and sounds? A colorful life, carefree of worldly sorrows and pressures. My essence assists to live your life to the fullest. Native to the Southern California and Baja California, I am an abundant bloomer. My sprawling, bushy habit takes on any vast landscape with ease. My bright yellow blooms reflect the positive sunny vibes.  

The vibrancies of life are often missed in the hectic run of life. When you start to miss those colors and music of life, turn to my floral essence for rejuvenation. My essence releases a shackled soul and lets it indulge in the positive aura of a lively world. 

Borage - Courageous Heart

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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