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Matilija Poppy - Romneya coulteri

Chakra 4

I bet you all get astounded as to my appearance. My pure white blooms with my perfect yellow raised center is a real charmer. You heard it right!! I am a charmer, and my essence can turn you into one too… My long and slender floral axis sways carefree in the Southern Californian wind. My long-lasting flowers live to their fullest, dancing all day long to the cadence the sun, flowing river, gentle wind, and earthly rhythms.


My floral essence helps you to open your senses to the rhythm of the outer world. Intake my essence and get ready to imbibe the pulse of Mother Nature. My essence prepares your mind to full absorb the vibrations of nature and reflect the same.

Matilija Poppy - Dancing Heart

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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