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Hollyhock - Alcea setosa

Chakra 4

My pink flowers are a real soother, and they call me the Hollyhock. Do you lately seem to be in a never-ending turmoil? Do you think your happiest days are long lost in your past? Here, my floral essence is all that need to lift your heavy heart.


Native to the eastern Mediterranean habitats, my seeds impregnates and flourish even in dry, arid lands. I bear my bright pink blooms upright, heads up and not subdued to sorrows or difficulties in the life. Leave me unattended, I pave my way through thick and thin with full spirit.


Embrace my defending spirit into your lives with my floral essence. Learn to flow like a river, surpassing all those hurdles in your life with a pleasant smile on face.

Hollyhock - Endure Hardship

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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