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Connection - 8 Bottle Set


Does your busy life leave you feeling disconnected? Do you feel blunted from your day to day life? Do you want to be able to connect more with your community since the pandemic? This formula is an enhancer to release us from what is blocking us from full presence and connection.


5.1. Matilija Poppy - Dancing Heart

5.2. Nasturtium - Restore Mental Vitality

5.3. Orange Blossom - Joy

5.4. Rose D'Ispahan - Romantic Love

5.5. Rose Geranium - Mother and Child Bond

5.6. Rosemary - Faith in Love

5.7. Shooting Star - Artistic Expression

5.8. Cucumber - Restore Happiness

Focused Set 5 - Connection

  • Eight bottles - 1 fl oz - 30ml each

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