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Make Peace with the Past - 8 Bottle Set


Do you have negative experiences in the past that you are ready to make peace with and move on? This formula provides support to feel repair, fortitude and calm so that you can feel connected to yourself and those around you.


6.1. Vitex - Granny’s Wisdom

6.2. Macadamia Nut Flower - Community in Paradise

6.3. Goldenrod - Fortitude

6.4. Hollyhock - Endure Hardship

6.5. Honeysuckle - Sweetness of the Past

6.6. Buckwheat - Group Cohesion

6.7. California Poppy - Golden Calm

6.8. Tobacco Jasmine Pink - Repair Heart Trauma

Focused Set 6 - Make Peace with the Past

  • Eight bottles - 1 fl oz - 30ml each

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