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Dogwood - Cornus nutallii

Chakra 4

Do you think that past deeds and sorrows keeps you clinging on to your past? Do the shackles of guilt and self-doubt demotivate you? Free up your inner self and get attached to the etheric presence with my floral essence.


Wildly found as a native of Pacific coast to southern California, I am one of most preferred ornamental varieties. I bloom for multiple seasons with pink-white blooms. Just as my delicate blooms beautify the woody branches, turn on your inner self out of a troubled mind. Grow out of your past that keep you tied down with my floral essence. The essence of my pure white flowers creates a peace and harmonious inner self. The latter encompasses a whole lot of energy to break those virtual limitations holding you back.

Dogwood - Graceful Unfolding

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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