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Sticky Monkeyflower - Mimulus aurantiacus

Chakra 2

Dive into a healthy relationship without the fear of intimacy with my floral essence. Common along Oregon, California, and Baja California, I bloom bright orange-red flowers in spring to late summers. Just as my popping-colored blooms, my essence brings out your intimate love and its expression.


A flexible relationship demands both mind and bodily involvement. Fear and confusion hold you back in fully exploring a romantic relationship. Callous relationships fall on to superficial sex without any mental involvement. Strengthen your bond with your partner with my floral essence. Bridge your sexual involvements to the warmth of true care and compassion with my essence. Likewise, pave the way for long lasting and consistent relationship without the fear for mistrust or deceit.

Sticky Monkeyflower - Healthy Sexuality

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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