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Pearly Everlasting - Gnaphalium californicum

Chakra 3

Just as my everlasting flowers my overbearing floral aroma won’t leave you that quick. Native to the western coasts of North America, you can find me in a variety of habitats. My creamy-white flowers resemble pearls. If you are longing for an immortal existence of spirit, then my essence is the one you will be looking for.


Though life is short, and a human body is mortal, live every single moment of your life with my floral essence. Witness the days and years pass on before your eyes, but you are attached to all those changes, appreciating the time lapse. Here you are openly embracing the worldly changes, growing along, with a young and rejuvenating mind. I pass you the secret of immortal living and forecasting vision. 

Pearly Everlasting - Immorality

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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