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Orange Blossom - Citrus sinensis

Chakra 4

No vision can ever miss my presence. They idealize me as the symbol of freshness, ray of sunshine, bundle of happiness and much more. Native to the south Asian habitats, now you find me all over the world in varying size and shapes. Each and every part of my body emits aromatic citrusy essence that calms your soul. My off-white blooms are visited by thousands of bees you can never imagine.


My vibrational floral essence is all that you need to calm a mind fighting with roller-coaster of emotions. Diffuse out your stronger emotions that are unrealistic to handle with my essence. My essence eases an agitated spirit, bringing it back to the resting energy. Eliminate those conflicts of mind and perceive greater concentration with me.

Orange Blossom - Joy

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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