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Elderflower - Sambucus nigra

Chakra 6

Mother Nature never fails to attract you. Observe closely, she harbors those positive spirits, who hails the power to bring positivity and fortune to your lives. Well, I become a mediator during such instances. My exquisite presence attracts the beneficial spirits. Adding to it my floral essence wards off evil bodies.


I am a native of northern hemisphere. You can find me over hedges and woods, living in harmony with the green fairies. Plant me in your courtyard to keep the dark wicked spirits away. Have you ever heard the lore that sings my magic?  Listen carefully, hear the woods singing my deeds, the power of my essence to lure the positive spirits of the nature. The presence of positive spirits of the nature helps you to connect with etheric bodies of the universe.

Elderflower - Nature Connection

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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