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Tobacco Jasmine White - Nicotiana alata jasmine

Chakra 6

Long used in sacred traditions, my intoxicating scent is used to purify the praying atmosphere. Native to South America my bright colored blooms open at dusk. My floral aroma is rich in positive energy gathered throughout the day. My engaging floral essence connects you to the pulse of earth and gets you aligned with empyreal rhythm.


Difficult times unsettle a human mind very quick and the intense bodily energy gets dissipated randomly without proper use. You may be lacking a clear mind and focused thought. Channel your inner energy along proper pathways and ultimately ground it to the earth. Achieve this state of mental well-being with my essence. Bridge a derailed mind to the lost peaceful energy level with my help.

Tobacco Jasmine White - Peaceful Heart

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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