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Zinnia - Zinnia Elegans

Chakra 3

My vibrant appearance is that all you need to lighten up your inner child. As a native of Mexico, you can find me in whole lot of shades, spirited just like Mexican tradition. My name Youth and Age explains everything. I am a celebration of energy, elegance, love, friendship, and happiness. Being a gardener’s favorite, you can find me anywhere from cottage gardens, prairie lands and border planting. Enjoy my presence throughout the year from midsummers to first frost. I love the sun very much and thus frosty days are not meant for me. Place me in a vase of water to enjoy my beauty indoors.


My colors release your mind from eternal stress and gloom of a hectic day. Convert your mind to a happy and curious child with my essence. Enjoy the smallest actions of life like a child and allow yourself to explore the creative niches of your mind with me. My essence releases the pressure of work-life and helps you to celebrate your life to fullest.

Zinnia - Child’s Play

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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