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Tobacco Jasmine Pink - Nicotiana jasmine roseus

Chakra 5

Free a traumatized soul from the clutches of darkness with my floral essence. Cultivated all over the world, I was once the native of tropical America from where the locals discovered my magical powers. My perfect pink blooms borne in clusters have an intoxicating sweet scent.


Forget your troubled past and inhale the fresh breath of life with my floral essence. A hard and perturbed childhood or past takes a great toll on your present life, holding you back from positivity of the present. This is where you need my support. My essence soothes a distressed mind and rejuvenates it out of the damp and coldness that surrounds.  Thus, I clear out the shattered, painful thoughts that linger around your mind.

Tobacco Jasmine Pink - Repair Heart Trauma

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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