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Yerba Santa - Eriodictyon californicum

Chakra 4

You may better identify me by my name ‘Holy Herb’. All these years man used me to balance his watery elements of body. The sensation of grief and depression gets localized within the inner sanctuaries of the human body, restricting the free flow of the soul. Native to the western and southwestern regions of North America, I spread my territories even across the arid, bare lands. My lavender flowers emit that spiritual aura, well-enough to turn on your sacred inner presence. My aromatic leaves are potent to awaken a sleeping soul.


Restricted motion of oxygen through the respiratory pathways and impurities clogged in the deepest chambers of the human body impede the expression of a soul to its fullest. Your inner consciousness seems to be bind to shackles.


Cleanse your inner self and experience the very feeling of existence all the time with my floral essence. My essence is an elixir that can clean your darkened soul and attract worldly love.

Yerba Santa - Release Grief, Attract Love

  • 1 fl oz - 30ml

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